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Culture in Italy - basic figures - 2010

Ufficio Studi

This booklet presents synthetic data concerning the production, protection and promotion of culture in Italy. The figures refer to 2009 (unless otherwise specified) and have been provided by the National Statistical System, the General Directorates and Central Institutes of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBAC) as well as other reliable and sound sources. Despite all efforts to ensure a systematic and balanced presentation of the data, some imbalances persist due to differences in survey methods and the lack of permanent informative exchanges between institutions. However, we hope that, although very concise, this publication will provide basic first-hand information to observers and researchers and allow the public at large to assess Italy’s extensive cultural heritage as well as other social and economic aspects that accompany the growth and dissemination of culture.



Culture in Italy - basic figures - 2010 (seconda pagina)
Culture in Italy - basic figures - 2010 (seconda pagina)


Culture in Italy - basic figures - 2010 (pdf, 2984 Kb)