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Culture in Italy - basic figures - 2011

Ufficio Studi

This booklet, now on its third edition, presents synthetic data concerning the safeguard and enhancement of cultural heritage in Italy as well as the production and promotion of culture, in the widest sense possible. The figures refer to 2010 (unless otherwise specified) and have been selected from data edited by public and private sources (National Statistical System, Ministerial websites, Siae, Aie, Fieg, Anica, Fimi, Rai, Acri) or provided by the General Directorates and Institutes of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBAC). In case of successful exhibitions, publications or films, the data were acquired from research agencies, specialist publications or provided by the organisers. The concise data are not meant for an in-depth analysis of the structural and cyclical characteristics or an interpretation of the recorded growth trends. However, we hope that this publication will provide basic first-hand information to scholars and Italian and foreign operators allowing them to assess the Italian extensive cultural heritage, the commitment of public institutions and the participation of the public at large.



Culture in Italy - Basic Figures - 2011 (pdf, 1464 Kb)