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Culture in Italy - Basic figures - 2012

I am pleased to present the outcomes of the research produced by the Studies and Research Department of the General Secretariat, which yearly collects and concisely presents interesting statistics on the activities of the Ministry. These data (unless otherwise indicated referring to 2011) come from printed available sources or in-house processing within the Administration. They give us reason for pondering, especially when they are related to statistics on cultural consumption. Between the lines these figures allow us to read the potential development and the growth of the economic activities linked to the sector, above all in respect to cultural tourism and cultural creative industries.  If we compare with the previous edition, on one hand they confirm the crucial role of the Ministry in terms of conservation and promotion of cultural heritage and activities. On the other they show how this role is at risk of becoming rapidly less and less incisive due to the reduction in human and financial resources.  In fact, the long standing economic crisis which our Country and Europe in general are facing, obliged us to reduce our investment in culture, both public and private.  Nevertheless, we have reasons to hope that our experience and expertise in various crucial sectors, joint to the Italians’ vitality and creativity, as confirmed by the framework here presented, will continue to make us worthy of the rich heritage of beauty, tradition and knowledge we are heir of.
The Minister

Lorenzo Ornaghi



Culture in Italy 2012 - Basic figures (pdf, 2890 Kb)