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Culture in Italy - Basic figures_2013

This pamphlet, published by the Studies Unit of the General Secretariat, has proven to be a useful tool to present concise information and figures on culture, ranging from conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage to tourism, creative and cultural industries. The data provided – unless otherwise indicated referring to 2012 – are not limited to the traditional sectors of competence of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT). As far as possible, they include the general context and all the players involved: territorial authorities, entrepreneurs, and users. Many considerations on the Italian scenario can be gathered from a transversal reading, while more in-depth information can be obtained by directly consulting the sources. These considerations – some positive, some less – reveal the effective participation of Italians to culture, our dynamic artistic and cultural production, the public resources allocated to this sector, and the participation by private individuals.



Culture in Italy_Basic figures_2013 (pdf, 786 Kb)